Boarding'Scool—cuz boarding's cool

Boarding’Scool offers flexible surf and skate programs tailored to each family’s interests and goals.

In the current times, outdoor activities are the safest way to get you and your family more active with minimal risk. We strive to be teachers by example of strong core values including kindness, determination, fun, spontaneity, and respect.

Surf Sessions

One-on-one and small group lessons for all ages

Skateboarding lessons in the Hamptons

Skate Sessions

One-on-one and small group lessons for all ages

Giving Back to Charities

At Sun Sessions we align ourselves with charities that help care for the environment. Currently we are highlighting the ONLY ONE Foundation which supports vital ocean projects to help rebuild ocean life.   ~ Bruce

ONLY ONE Foundation to help re-build ocean life

Yoga Sessions

Sun Sessions yoga is held privately upon request. We practice Naam Yoga ® and Shakti Naam ®. Each lesson will be geared to your specific needs.

Harmonyum Sessions

Harmonyum is a trancendental energy healing modality which neutralizes pain, and connects recipients to the light of their own soul. Perfect to alternate with massage.

Life Lesson Sessions

Sun Sessions guidance and spiritual lifestyle coaching pages were designed to share my knowledge and passion with you. I post weekly insights on how to lead a healty lifestyle.  ~ Bruce