Harmonyum® Healing Treatment

Imagine that you could improve your physical health and address depression, anxiety or addiction. Imagine that you could dramatically decrease negative thoughts and stress. Imagine that you could create the platform for lasting change in your life. It is all possible, with Harmonyum Healing Treatments. A holistic, physical and emotional healing modality, Harmonyum is used in private practices, wellness centers and addiction recovery facilities. It is being embraced by doctors now more than ever for its ability to facilitate change at the root level. It is today’s answer to self-healing.

This gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hand’s-on modality sends healing to the source of the nervous system, brain and heart and is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions. Harmonyum provides a powerful complementary treatment strategy for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies. It is excellent for pain, insomnia, hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, learning disorders, fertility, heart disease and immune system challenges. Harmonyum strengthens and balances the autonomic nervous system, thereby promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process.

Benefits of Harmonyum Healing

– Unparalleled deep rest and inner peace (rejuvenating)
– Superior health (revitalizing)
– Building of stamina (energizing)
– Accelerated recovery (long work week, jet lag, injuries, illnesses, heartbreak, nervous system/stress, fatigue etc.)
– Recalibration of body and mind while bringing emotional balance
– Increased mental and physical performance

Info cited from the Naam Yoga website

Bruce is highly trained in administering all levels of the Harmonyum modality.

What is Harmonyum ?

Harmonyum is a healing modality that reduces stress and activates the body’s self-healing mechanism by balancing the nervous system through therapeutic touch and divine intention. A discussion prior to the session primes the client to receive the healing. The Harmonyum technique itself is corrective energetically, and allows the energy to flow wherever it is needed to create balance. A session resembles a massage in that the recipient lies on a massage table and receives hands on healing while listening to calming music.

Harmonyum starts like a massage by working on the physical body to alleviate tension and to open the energy channels. As the session progresses, the touch gets lighter, and starts to work on the magnetic field. Through repetitive motions down the spine, a hypnosis of the nervous system is accomplished and an Alpha-theta brainwave pattern is generated that is experienced by the recipient as deep relaxation while being fully aware.

Who is Harmonyum for ?

It is ideal for people with high levels of stress or mental, emotional or physical pain, or people struggling with addiction.

There are three Harmonyum techniques:

Harmonyum I neutralizes past karma. Recommended are 7 sessions.
Harmonyum II replenishes the energy body, when feeling sick or depleted.
Harmonyum III is the most efficient and powerful of the three techniques, but the nervous system has to be ready for it.

Any one, or a combination of the techniques can be administered in a single Harmonyum session, which will be discerned by the practitioner.

Where did Harmonyum come from?

Harmonyum was created by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, a spiritual master and mystic, who prayed for a healing system to help people neutralize their negative karmic influences. For more info visit josephmichaellevry.com.

Is a Harmonyum practitioner a physician?

A Harmonyum practitioner is a bio-metaphysical physician who uses divine spiritual music and intention, meditation, and therapeutic touch to administer the Harmonyum technique.

What are the benefits of receiving a Harmonyum?

Recipients consistently report feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation, and a renewal. Harmonyum is simple and corrective. It brings one’s existence into balance, so the heart and mind are uplifted and aligned, and the body can heal itself.

For further questions or explanations please contact Bruce@sun-sessions.net.