Spirituality… we mean:Talking Yoga

I separated spirituality from yoga because in the western world people have come to associate the word yoga, with the physical practice. This section deals with the philosophy of yoga. Mental yoga is called Jnana Yoga, but much of the information that “spirituality” covers is the same material, with slightly different wording, as the material in psychotherapy. This section is about positive psychology, negative psychology, and the push and pull between the two, to help gain a balanced / realistic perspective with an optimistic attitude. Its self-help, the philosophy behind a yogic lifestyle, It’s Lessons in the Obvious.

Personal Guidance counseling ( life coaching )

In a personal guidance counseling session, I will ask you questions and then offer the spiritual wisdom appropriate to inspire you towards your happier, healthier, holier state of being. You will leave a session, which can be done in person, over Facetime or by phone, with practical mental tools to keep you on track towards your higher vibrational potential and a fulfilling, purposeful life.

Love relationship counseling ( “the highest form of yoga” )

Yoga means Union. And there is no greater challenge and no greater victory than the union between two human beings. Hence why relationships are considered the highest form of yoga. I use practical spiritual wisdom to help partners navigate the trials and errors of relationship challenges. I specialize in the mentality that is necessary for stability in long-term committed relationships. This can be done individually, or together, ideally both.

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