Testimonials from Harmonyum Clients

I met Bruce at Summer Solstice in June of 2019. In addition to the trying New Mexico summer climate, the energies of solstice can be trying or overwhelming at times. I ran into Bruce on a day that my energy supply ran very low, when he kindly and selflessly offered to perform some harmonyum on me. After the brief session I felt lighter, more energetic and there was a sense of balance restored.

Bruce is someone who really cares as to his craft, his clients and uplifting humanity one person at the time.   Sat Nam


Bruce Bailey appeared in my life like an angel. We met on a beach in the Hamptons, where we were both working as healers. One night that summer I had a strange bout of food poisoning. Upon learning of my sickness, he offered to come over to give me a Harmonyum healing, which I had never heard of before. Bruce was confident that it would help, so I accepted his offer.

Angela StepanEmbodying this healing modality from the outset, Bruce prepared me for the session first by educating me on how the spiritual technology of Harmonyum works. His presence and ease of explaining a complex metaphysical topic was in itself nurturing. Lying supine on the massage table, the session began with a sun meditation which translated fluidly into the physical experience as Bruce performed the Harmonyum healing technique down my spine. I felt a soft radiant light soothing my nervous system, cooling my upset stomach, and easing my mind. A deeply purifying stream of solar energy poured into my body infusing a saged sensation of total connection to godliness into each cell throughout my skeletal and subtle body, leaving me in a state of deep relaxation. It was truly life changing.

The radiance of his practice corrected the energetic imbalances that were weakening my immune system. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated and deeply replenished. Not only was I happy I took the risk of trying something new, but I have taken this experience into my daily self care meditation where it continues to nurture and uplift my state of being.

As I came to know Bruce, I learned his secret to his positive energy, which enhances his innate healing capacity. As a world class surfer, his heart and mind are in sync with the rhythm of the ocean and the power of the sun, which I felt immediately in the Harmonyum healing session and in his presence overall. I wish for everyone to have the opportunity to experience his rich spirit and life transforming healing work!

Angela S.

Los Angeles, CA

I knew a little of Bruce Bailey prior to him giving my son his first Harmonyum healing treatment. Through shared yoga circles I noticed his compassionate and giving nature, his dedication to teaching (whether it was yoga, numerology, surfing or any other method of full self experience) and of some of his views on the world’s political, economical and ecological challenges. In our occasional conversations I had also recognized his commitment to the understanding of what drives the human mind and body vehicle into its multitude of choices, and his how to optimize these choices into their best potential. In my mind I had categorized Bruce as one of those passionate and compelling people who know how to inspire and maintain change in others. What I had to yet learn about Bruce was the extent of his gift for healing.

This is my testimonial of the application and effectiveness of Bruce’s skills:

My son was born with a spectrum of severe medical conditions that have impeded pretty much all of his life systems. In fact, he requires an army of caregivers, on both the western medical and alternative holistic fronts. The battle for his quality of life is almost always uphill. The contradicting health issues that his body hosts can be overwhelming just to list but I have never stopped exploring. So far not one healing modality has delivered a good enough counter-effect to the severe medical trauma and the multiple secondary issues of its aftermath: severe stress, anxiety, extreme sensitivity, breathing and sleep issues are among many others. That is until he had his first Harmonyum healing with Bruce.

Harmonyum is a gentle and non-invasive treatment, which focuses on freeing up the blocked energy in the recipient’s spine and making it available for healing the rest of the body and mind. Considering that one of my son’s conditions is paralysis of the spine, it made sense to try it. At a yoga retreat that we both attended I asked if we would give my son a Harmonyum: the therapeutic technique that Bruce had been using. What I came to witness was a lot more than “yet another healing session” as the effects of it were most immediate and somewhat miraculous.

Biliana and NikoThe treatment began with my son simply lying down on his stomach as Bruce began to focus on his spine while moving his hands over either quietly or while chanting. What I noticed right away was how quickly my son relaxed. His breathing (always shallow) deepened and stayed that way as he gradually transitioned into a deep restful state; something that he usually cannot achieve, even in his sleep as the extreme muscle and nerve tension can carry over into night after night without relief. It is extremely difficult for someone with multiple sensory issues to relax deeply. It is hard enough even for someone without these issues who just struggles with chronic stress. It is not possible to feign a deeply relaxed state. My son was relaxing deeply and it was happening as a result of what Bruce was doing! I can tell that he was reaching a state of an activated Relaxation Response, (that is the body’s innate ability to neutralize a state of tension and stress) which is something I had only read about in theory. It was wonderful to witness that! Bruce worked at a very gentle and slow pace; he himself seemed very peaceful and immersed in deep meditation. As his fingers hovered over each of my son’s vertebras he was chanting sacred mantras, invoking the healing energy of the sun.

“We all have a sun inside that can heal us that is our own heart, all I am doing is channeling the sun and its healing properties into the heart of the recipient” Bruce explained to me later. He told me that Harmonyum works so well because it uses the body’s own natural healing ability, something that even medical research has proven is always available to us, we just may need help activating it. I asked “When can we do this again?” knowing in my heart already that I have found that very healing modality that will work best for my son. “Anytime,” Bruce smiled.

Later I thought more about what he said: that it is true, the sun is always available, even behind the clouds, that we can tap into its healing properties “anytime’ indeed. That Harmonyum does not make you dependent on yet another new outside hype because it is about opening you up to what is already inside you. Bruce is just happy serving as the channel through which that energy was flowing to its destination. What I liked about Bruce was that he did not make any of this about himself, he simply delivered what he was here to do best: help others heal. Anyone. Anytime. Anyplace.

Bruce’s commitment is to healing the whole person in the context of their whole life. I realized that he was doing healing work anywhere he went, not just when he was giving Harmonyums. A surfing lesson was about sharing the wonder of the Ocean with those who still remember how to be in awe: children. Or guiding those of us who grew up a little and forgot how to get back into it. The day that Bruce took my son surfing was as special as the day of his Harmonyum healing. It seemed like such a simple gesture: putting a child on a surfboard for the first time and riding it for them while making it feel like they are the ones doing it until they are on top not only of that wave, but the world! Now, add that to the experience of a child who is paralyzed. That is bold! Add to that a child who is paralyzed and has been treated as different, fragile and incapable by most. That justifies bold! Lastly, add a child who is paralyzed who has been dreaming to be like all other children who now believes that he is actually surfing! That is a miracle… And miracles are what I count on with the help of healers like Bruce.

My son continues with his regular Harmonyum healing sessions. His respiration and circulation and sleep continue to improve. His anxiety and worrying continue to diminish. His self-esteem and eagerness for life are increasing every day. My trust in the healing power of Harmonyum is now unshakable. Especially when I hear my son ask, “Mommy, when is my next healing going to be?” It doesn’t take much, just willingness to receive the generous warming energy that already inside of you.

Biliana A.

Cambridge, MA