The Code of the Masters by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


Healing Byond Medicine

Author: Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


This book will reveal to you many high spiritual mysteries and teach you how to vibrate the Naam, or sacred sound current. You will also learn how Master yogis and Kabbalists use their hands, along with the mantric science, to connect with the heavens for healing and happiness. Practicing the science of Naam will strengthen the vibratory frequency within you, opening your heart and activating the soul. The awakening of this spiritual faculty is the mystery of regeneration, of the vital union between God and man. This process of developing the inner faculty that allows one to perceive God is your life’s work. When the process is complete, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle rules over the terrestrial; one begins to live, not in accordance with the principle of self-interest, but in accordance with that of the Spirit, Truth and Love, for which one becomes a living temple.

What’s Inside

  • Includes an in depth look on how the application of Naam (sacred Word) can have a tremendous positive effect on the mind and in turn one’s life.
  • Provides a detailed explanation of the Lion’s Heart Healing Series including an essential look at how each pose works on a specific part of the body.
  • Includes meditations that help you clean the negative subconscious thought patterns that prevent one from achieving their Divine destiny.
  • This book is a guide to the higher principles and characteristics of the universe. The teachings contained within it will show you how to face this turbulent age with harmony and grace.