The Healing Fire of Heaven by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


Mastering the invisible sunlight fluid for healing and spiritual growth.

Author: Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


Working with the Sun will give you an understanding of the mysteries of life, and reveal to you the splendor of the inner Kabbalah, which bestows upon one the secrets of heaven and earth. It is one of the highest, most potent and effective spiritual systems you can come across on this earth. By working with the Sun, you raise your consciousness and establish a spiritual communion with the origin of life, the essence of all things and the primal source of light. It is an initiation to your own essence. Connecting with the Sun will cause your soul to become active and your spiritual powers to become operative, showing clear visible signs in your mind, spirit and physical body. This book will show you practical ways of connecting with the Sun in order to capture its many benefits and blessings.

What’s Inside

  • Daily preventative meditations and breathing exercises to supercharge your immune system and keep you healthy.
  • A special meditation to strengthen the energetic matrix of the body and help protect you from airborne infectious diseases.
  • An in depth section on nutritional healing, including suggestions on how to strengthen the immune and digestive systems, promote detoxification, fight pathogens and neutralize allergens through dietary and herbal recommendations.
  • Nutritional and herbal advice for children and the elderly, plus environmental and topical remedies.